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About Us

Brewer & Associates is full-service nonprofit management and sustainability consulting firm in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our engagement is highly customized and focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of the organization or business. We believe that the keys to optimal success are based on healthy relationships, sound management principles, and effective execution. We strategically partner with organizations and genuinely provide exceptional service while positively impacting their bottom line. These qualities mean we work with a broad array of clients that range from start-up ventures to multi-million-dollar nonprofit organizations and businesses. Our consulting engagements range from one-day training seminars for agency boards and staff to providing expertise on multi-year projects such as managing federal grants or implementing a fundraising program.


Brewer & Associates educates and empowers nonprofit leaders to create solutions and be a part of their communities’ change.

Core Values

Since its inception in 2004, Brewer & Associates has exercised the following core values:

Recognize the potential in and of all organizations

All roads lead to strategic philanthropic best practices.

Be responsive to forming and maintaining positive relationships within the community.

Serve all through leadership and innovation.

Understanding an organization’s culture is the first in ensuring a successful engagement

Our History


Brewer & Associates is a national consulting firm established in June 2004 as a management and fund development consulting firm. Its focus is to maximize each client by helping them achieve high standards. Meaning, our team uses a client-centered approach to develop solutions that best address each client’s needs.

Brewer & Associates focuses on three service areas: fund development, nonprofit management, and capacity building. These service areas have been utilized in organizations serving youth, arts, education, STEM, healthcare, government, and higher education institutions. Since its inception, the firm has helped over 200 agencies, procured over $29M on behalf of these agencies, and provided capacity building training to over 10,000 nonprofit leaders. Brewer & Associates has strategic partnerships with agencies such as the Indiana Youth Institute, Center for Congregations, Geminus, Charitable Allies, Indiana Minority Health Coalition, and The 100 Black Men. It is through these partnerships; our team can identify and execute its mission.