About Us

Our President and Senior Consultant

Falicia Brewer is the President and Consultant of Brewer & Associates. For two decades Falicia has been responsible for the daily leadership while providing customized solutions to the firm’s clients. Falicia has a high level of expertise in consulting with a plethora of industries within the private and public sectors. She is most well-known for her ability to connect individuals with resources to achieve their goal.

Falicia is an advocate of empowerment that meets leaders where they are as she guides them to achieve a common goal. As a staff person and small business owner, she has served in many capacities including the Deputy Director, State Director and Adjunct Faculty member.

Falicia has built Brewer & Associates into a national consulting practice that has procured over $98M since its inception. The firm’s business model format utilizes professional and skilled independent consultants to achieve a team composition that is most responsive to the needs of individual projects rather than maintaining a full complement of regular staff.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, Master’s Degree in Political Science, as well as a Certificate in Facilitation from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. She also possesses a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the Fundraising School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Most recently, she received a Certificate from the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance’s Mutz Leadership program and holds many other certifications that have enhanced her expertise. As a National Facilitator, her passion is educating and empowering individuals to be their authentic self!
Dr. Melissa Lewis, Ph.D., M.S., CHW

A consultant, educator, inspirational speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Melissa’s mission is to equip, inspire, and empower leaders to live on purpose. She draws on her broad experience as a grant writer, project manager, and passion for community; to provide both technical and strategic advice to urban servant leaders.

In addition to Grant management and Organizational development, Dr. Melissa has experience in finance and performance improvement.

Working with clients to strategically identify and plan for funding opportunities that align with their priorities and goals. Dr. Melissa uses her entrepreneurial spirit and financial expertise to help organizational leaders build sustainable businesses that transform lives within their communities.


  • BA – Business Administration-HR Management, Marian University-Indianapolis
  • MS – Performance Improvement, University of Arkansas-Grantham
  • Doctorate in Organizational and Infrastructural Development in Divinity, The College of Metaphysical Studies (TCOM)

Professional Certifications

  • Certified Community Health Worker
  • FINRA Certified
  • Series 6
  • Associate in Customer Service

Brewer & Associates educates and empowers nonprofit leaders to create solutions and be a part of their communities’ change.

Core Values

Since its inception in 2004, Brewer & Associates has exercised the following core values:

  • Recognize the potential in and of all organizations
  • All roads lead to strategic philanthropic best practices.
  • Be responsive to forming and maintaining positive relationships within the community.
  • Serve all through leadership and innovation.
  • Understanding an organization’s culture is the first in ensuring a successful engagement
Company Structure

Brewer & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2004 as a professional management services firm to nonprofit organizations and businesses. Our engagements cluster around important business/organizational needs, including: leadership, challenges of growth, strategic direction, implementation and execution, financial sustainability, managing business operations, and performance measurement through services such as program development/management, project management, grantwriting/administration, board development, strategic planning, training, event planning, business management, financial research and community outreach, our team of leading practitioners has partnered with academic, faith-based, municipalities, cultural, technology, marketing and human service corporations throughout the country.

Since its inception, the firm has served over two-hundred and fifty organizations and trained thousand of nonprofit leaders. Organizations accessing Brewer & Associates solutions come in all shapes and budgets, but all are focused on successfully executing their mission. The firm’s dedicated team of professionals are industry experts committed to that.

Getting Started

Brewer & Associates focuses on meeting clients where they are! Our engagements are highly customized and focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of the organization or business.

We believe that the keys to optimal success are based on:

  • collaboration
  • healthy relationships
  • sound management principles
  • effective execution

Brewer & Associates strategically partners with entities that genuinely provide exceptional service while positively impacting their bottom-line. These qualities mean we work with a broad array of clients that range from start-up venture to multi-million-dollar nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

Our team’s success is deeply rooted in a keen understanding of local and national trends. Consulting engagements range from one-day workshops to multi-year projects such as placed-based initiatives and federal initiatives targeting public and private partnerships.

Who We Serve



Charter Schools

Community Development

Corporate Philanthropy

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Economic Development



Faith-Based Organizations



Mental Health




Workforce Development

Youth Development