About Us

Brewer & Associates is a full-service nonprofit management and sustainability consulting firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, who provide organizational leaders with the resources and insight necessary to succeed in today’s complex and competitive environment. By specializing in three core focus areas: Fund Development, Business Development, and Organizational Development, we are confident that the services we provide are accurate, consistent, and value-driven, which contributes to an overall structured and sustainable organization.

Using an innovative approach, Brewer & Associates understands the “why” of your concept in order to create a relevant and practical plan for growth. Our mission is to provide comprehensive professional management services to nonprofits, small businesses and corporations throughout the Midwest, who are interested in increasing their financial capacity and impact. We specialize in helping leaders manage their growth in a way which ensures that the organization or company stays profitable.  Our engagement is highly customized and focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of the organization or business.  It is our belief that the keys to optimal success are based on strong relationships, good management principles, and effective execution.

We strategically partner with organizations whom we genuinely believe that we can provide effective service while positively impacting their bottom line. This means we work with a broad array of clients that range from start-up ventures to multi-million dollar nonprofit organizations and businesses.  Our consulting engagements range from one-day training seminars for agency boards and/or staff to providing expertise on multi-year projects such as managing federal grants or implementing a fundraising program.