Organizational Readiness

Brewer & Associates specializes in the following organizational readiness solutions:


Assessing and developing the organizational resources, skills, and infrastructure needed to effectively fulfill your mission and deliver your programs and services. Our team of practitioners will evaluate the current and future needs of your nonprofit, while providing a myriad of solutions to help your organization develop a realistic, sustainable strategy that supports readiness to for the “next level” of success.

Project Management

Our project management engagements focus on short-term initiatives that require special expertise such as developing a new program, expanding into a new community or a statewide outreach strategy.  Our team of practitioners support and guide organizations through the successful implementation of their initiative.


Please see Capacity Building Page for more information.

Community Engagement

Brewer & Associates specializes in the following community engagement solutions:

Community Visioning

Visioning helps define where a community wants to be and provides a framework for determining strategic actions required to transform a community.  Our team of practitioners will facilitate will lead community stakeholders through the complex process to craft answers to complex issues facing their community. It is a collaborative process of giving the people who live, work, and play in a place the opportunity to have a say about what they want their community to be like in the future.

Community Partnership Development

Community Partnership Development is an organic engagement strategy that brings community stakeholders together to increase organizational and/or community capacity about social, environmental and behavioral changes that will improve the health and wellbeing of the community and its members. Our team of practitioners work collaboratively through targeted groups central issues within their organization and/or community.

Community Outreach

Our team of practitioners offer education, planning and support activities to targeted stakeholders. Practitioners; for example, may conduct activities such as public presentations, attend community events, virtual meetings and/or in-person activities.

Fund Development

Fund development refers to the strategic process of acquiring financial resources for an organization or a specific cause. It involves activities and techniques aimed at attracting donations, grants, sponsorships, and other forms of financial support to sustain and expand the operations and programs.  Our team of practitioners provide a comprehensive menu of expertise, tools and resources to strategically prepare organizations to procure philanthropic dollars from multiple sources and strategies.

Brewer & Associates specializes in the following fund development solutions:

Corporate Philantrhopy

Corporate philanthropy refers to the investments and activities a company voluntarily undertakes to responsibly manage and account for its impact on society. Our team of practitioners guide and support corporate leaders to develop a philanthropic strategy that aligns with the community’s needs.

Grantsmanship and Administration

Grantsmanship is the art of acquiring financial grants through the process of grant writing. This includes research, relationship building, writing and reviewing of proposals.  Grants Administration is the management of any office, business, or organization required to execute a grant award.  Our team of practitioners will support and guide through the grantseeking process, while providing a strategy to build its effective grants management infrastructure.

Case Statement Development

A case for support/statement is a concise and clear presentation of the intended business concept to secure philanthropic dollars.  Our team of practitioners will gather a myriad of organizational documents that is integral in creating a compelling case for support and/or case statement that outlines the merits to secure philanthropic support.

Proposal Writing

Proposal writing is the stage before securing a grant award.  a document that outlines a plan of action, request for funding, or proposal of an idea. It offers comprehensive information about the program an organization wants to implement. It outlines the need, process, goals and resources required to successfully implement a program.  Our team of practitioners will write a competitive proposal.

Non-profit Management

Nonprofit management is the practice of overseeing and administering the operations, programs, and resources of nonprofit organizations. Managing the “business” of an organization. .

Brewer & Associates specializes in the following areas of Nonprofit Management:

501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Nonprofit Designation

To become a charitable organization able to receive philanthropic support, an entity must secure its nonprofit designation complete the 501(c)3 application.  Our team of practitioners will complete the application  and support material required by the Internal Revenue Service.

Board Development

Board development refers to building the infrastructure of a nonprofit board of directors through on-going education and training to their fellow board members. Our team of practitioners will guide and support an organization through the board building process by developing tools, providing education, training and resources that will strengthen the board’s ability to govern.

Program Development

Program development focuses on creating the service delivery model of a program.  Our team of practitioners will guide and support program staff in developing program design and implementation, as well as provide assistance with needs assessment, evaluation, collaboration  within community stakeholders.