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Library Non-Profit Training Series

April 18, 2017 –  Need Statement Toolbox. 

 The Need Statement is one of the most challenging components of a proposal to write.  The success of the proposal depends on a persuasive, compelling case for a program that is evidence-based.  This workshop is a hands-on, interactive workshop that sets the stage for a successful proposal.  Participants will identify and develop tools that that illustrates a clear path to an organized and rational approach to the problem being addressed. 

May 16, 2017 – Using Data to Get Funded   

 Quality statistics can take your proposal to the next level.  By using credible evidence to establish a need, authority is added to the proposal.  The role that including the right data in your proposal to build your case for funding determines whether a proposal is or is not funded.   Often agencies do not know what data to use, how to access data sources and then how to translate the information so that a funder understands the need an agency is addressing. Participants will increase their understanding how to use data to “tell their story” that provides a clear sense of urgency of their request.

June 13, 2016- 501C3 or Not 

Often a person has a vision or concept of what they want to do to impact his or her community. The hardest step is determining how they wish to execute that vision or concept. 501C3 or Not is designed to assist participants understand what obtaining a nonprofit status is and its benefits, as well as provide a step-by-step process to secure one. Participants will develop an increased understanding the value, challenges and responsibility in becoming a designated nonprofit organization

August 1, 2017 – Nonprofit Leadership in the 21st Century 

 The leadership skills required as society grows into the 21st century is often overlooked as organizations are learning to survive in the post financial crisis of 2008.  One of the biggest challenges facing nonprofit organizations is its management and leadership.  Understanding the dynamics, demographics and culture of the American society requires a myriad of skills many nonprofit leaders do not possess.  This workshop provides discusses the critical skills most common among successful nonprofit leaders and what tools are needed to lead a successful 21st Century organization.

 September 12, 2017 – Proposal Writing: Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s 

There are ten steps in the grantseeking process.  This workshop focuses on the pre and post steps that grantseekers should adopt while seeking and securing funds. Participants will develop an increased understanding of the grantseeking process, understand how to match their mission with a funder’s mission and implement a process to increase their probability of securing funds.

September 19, 2017 – The Budding Entrepreneur:  Moving Up 

 You have started up your own company, but have no idea what’s next!  There are some basics business practices in starting a business, but figuring out how to grow and sustain your business requires ongoing assessment of where a business was, is and will be. This workshop provides a brief overview of the start-up business basics, and how to identify and capitalize on opportunities by thinking strategically on business growth. Participants will develop an strategic plan to maximize business opportunities

November 14, 2017 – The Budding Entrepreneur 

 You have a business idea and want to start up your own company, but have no idea where to start!  There are some basics business practices in starting a business, but there are also requirements based on the industry your business is guided by. This workshop provides a practical overview of the start-up business basics, steps required to open their doors, as well as what processes they will need to have in place to be successful.


Northwest Training Event 

The Fundamentals of Board Governance

March 16, 2017 8:30-12:30  $65

Understanding the fundamentals of board governance is critical to a successful nonprofit. Board members must remain focused on providing good stewardship of the organization’s mission, reputation, and resources. This workshop focuses on types of boards, the roles and responsibilities as board members, how to look for skills and talented board members to match your organization’s needs, as well as provides tips and resources how organizations can leverage the connections of the board members.

 Proposal Writing Bootcamp

April 20, 2017  8:00-4:30  $99

Proposal Writing Bootcamp is designed to for the novice or seasoned writerThis is a one-day, intensive workshop that walks participants will learn the steps of the proposal writing process. Utilizing a Common Grant Application as the guide, participants will complete the eight components of a successful proposal.

The Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

June 14, 2017  8:30-12:30 $65

A strategic plan can move an organization in a new direction of dynamic and positive change. Every nonprofit should develop a plan that guides their course into the future. Strategic planning is the process of developing a direction for the future and details how to get there. The Fundamentals of Strategic Planning focuses on the understanding of the six steps utilized in strategic planning process, types of models, readiness required, who should participate, creating an action plan, and how to execute it to achieve the organization’s goals.

 Collaboration to Build Capacity  

August 17, 2017 8:30-12:30 $65

Collaboration with a Purpose is an interactive workshop that educates participants how to strategically maximize collaboration to build capacity. This workshop details what collaboration is and is not, strengths and benefits of it, and guides participants on developing a plan that includes vehicles for involvement with your programs and utilizing their resources to contribute to BOTH the quality and sustainability of the program.

 Fundraising on a $hoestring Budget

September 28, 2017 8:30-12:30  $65

Fundraising on a $hoestring Budget is an interactive, hands-on workshopThe workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the ways a fundraising program can enhance the effectiveness of an organization through strategies and relationship building. Participants will learn the fundamentals of building a fundraising program, choosing the right strategies and creating a fundraising process that fits their capacity.

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