Business Development Services


Administrative Support

We take care of the day-to-day work of your non-profit organizations and small businesses. Our experienced and professional staff becomes your staff. Services can include: creating office systems, responding to mail, email and phone calls, bookkeeping, file maintenance, doing mailings, and procuring supplies.

Business Development

Our firm helps new leaders/owners create their own nonprofit or business. As your organization or business grows, we help manage the growth to insure it stays profitable. We work with leaders to develop goals, create a workable plan, identify target markets, develop policies and procedures, marketing style and financial sustainability.

Business Leadership Coaching

Strong leadership is important to every organization and business. We consult with organizations and business about leadership values, characteristics, as well as leadership best practices. Our team analyzes and identifies areas that need work in order for the team to operate more effectively.

Business Leadership Coaching is designed to accelerate execution and achievement of social and business outcomes by empowering leaders with data and business tools to make smart business decisions, and pairing leaders with a confidential champion who is an expert in executing change in the nonprofit sector and has deep business expertise.

Business Plan

To be effective, businesses need to set goals, objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. We work in partnership with business leadership to create a compelling case that will help sell your business and serve as a valuable planning aid for project development and future growth.

Project Management

Successful organizations create projects that produce a desired result in established time frames with assigned resources. No matter what the characteristics of your project you define it by the same three ingredients: outcomes, start and end dates and resources. Regardless of the size of the project, we thoroughly plan and manage projects through completion.

Research and Development

Brewer & Associates provides targeted research for businesses. The information and resources are often utilized as a strategic initiative to start, grow and expand business opportunities. In addition, we will assist our partners in making key decisions about the future growth of his or her company.